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Timber buildings.
Done right,
On time,
On Budget.

We are experts in timber buildings, and offer specialized planning services. We build a digital twin of your timber project before construction begins to ensure that all details from the architectural plans can be properly executed.


Our process streamlines your work, saving you money that could be lost through wasted material and time.

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What we do to help you build better

Timber Planning

"Beyond the permit drawings".

While permit drawings might look impressive, they don't show the full picture. We go much further into detail by building a digital twin of the project, in order to work out the tricky spots, make sure that materials can be correctly ordered and construction activities that follow go as smooth as possible.

Shop Drawings

Preparing the projects for prefabrication requires a plan. We can create the shop drawings and extract the details out of the digital twin so that carpenters and panel shops can prefabricate the building envelope just as it was planned.

Construction Logistics

The last piece of the puzzle is to create proper plans on how to get all the components to sight, on time and in the right order. Transportation and loading plans, crane setup and sequencing on site all need to be determined to make sure the project goes smooth

Who We Are

Pinwheel Timber Planners is a specialized timber planning business service provider based in the Greater Toronto Area. Our main area of expertise is high performance building envelopes for highly efficient and healthy buildings, built in Ontario and Canada.


Established in 2013, we initially focused on importing and selling high-performance building materials from Germany. In 2017 Pinwheel expanded to the prefabrication of buildings. Since then we have partnered up with prefabrication plants to provide the panels and focus on planning the details for timber projects.

Our work ethic is based on trust and transparency with our clients and subcontractors. This way, we can assist you in the realization of highly complex projects, making them more predictable and reduce risk.

Types of Projects

Conventional Walls

Although most projects with "conventional 2x6" walls seldomly are planned in 3D, the benefits are still massive. When a single mis-ordered beam or timber element can set a project back thousands of dollars in time and materials lost, first constructing the project as a digital twin in the virtual world to extract the details for constructions can pay off big time.

High Performance Walls

Wether you're building a net-zero building, a passive house or your more conventional "forever home", we can sort out the details. Usually the thicker the walls, the more complex the project gets. You intending to builder better and more accurately, saving you money in the long run. Why not plan using the most modern digital planning tools?

Mass Timber

Interested in building with mass timber? It is especially important to build a "digital twin", a 3D model that reflects all the important details first. Most mass timber projects will require components from multiple manufacturers to be assembled on site, which means that in-house planning of one manufacturer is usually not sufficient. Our planning services will help coordinate all components, which allows for a smooth assembly on site. 

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