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Rental Service for an
Insulation Blower Machine 

in the Niagara Region and Greater Toronto Area


Want to insulate an attic? *

Tired of shlepping around a heavy machine that is slow to boot?

We rent a high volume cellulose insulation blower machine, that is trailer mounted, which can easily be transported and set up quickly.

Get the job done fast, without back pain, and get on with your life. 


High Volume Machine

Heavy duty machine, quality Canadian engineered for speed and efficiency, manufactured by Star Machine in Canada.
Install up to 8000 sqft per day or up to 1200 lbs per hour.

Don't mess with low power machines from box store rental services, which are heavy and awkward to carry and require assembly.

Get the job done quickly and move on.


* only Attics?

What else can the machine be used for?

  • Garage roof

  • Barn attic

  • Passive House Walls

  • Net Zero Construction

  • Loose Fill

  • Dense Packed Cellulose

  • Multi Story Buildings

  • Contractors

  • DIY Home Renovators

Builder in Whitby ON

"Renting the insulation machine was very easy. The trailer was dropped off in Oakville, and quickly connected to the power. We were able to install the insulation ourselves over the weekend, which saved us time and money. The machine was picked up again at the end. I'd recommend this service to anyone else who needs to insulate their home"

Receive Instant Rental Pricing

Please fill out this form, and we will email you pricing instantly.

Thanks for Your Inquiry! Please check your email inbox for the pricing sheet. is a service provided by Pinwheel Building Solutions. We plan ( and build ecological homes, including net-zero and passive house. Our insulation machine is used for our builds when we need to install dense packed insulation into our prefab structures. In the meantime, we thought it could come in handy if others needed a fine machine like this too. Win - Win.

Please reach out if you have any questions about your project too. Always happy to share some knowledge.

+1 905 321 3905

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